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All Messed Up
Samhain Publishing
October 7, 2014

You don't have to be perfect, to be perfect for someone...

After years of trying to be responsible, stable and safe, after trying to make up for past mistakes that let so many people down, Mallory Hurst has a huge problem. She has an ethical dilemma at work, and a decision to make that could impact customers, employees and her entire career. To try to figure out what she should do, she goes home to visit her parents.

Joe Mason has his own problems. He recently learned that the man he called father his entire life...isn't. Now he knows why he was treated differently than his older brothers. Now he understands why nothing he did was ever good enough to please his dad, no matter how hard he tried. On impulse, he decides to go meet his biological father and see what happens.

In the airport in Chicago on their way to Los Angeles, Mallory and Joe share a brief conversation. In Denver, they share a drink in the bar between connecting flights. Then their flight is delayed and they act on the attraction they both feel. When their flight gets cancelled, it seems right that they share a hotel room for one night.

Beneath the surface, they have a lot in common. But each of them is determined to maintain a surface facade. Joe has trained himself not to care about anything too deeply, to deal with constant rejection. Mallory wants her life neat and tidy. But now both their lives are all messed up...

Warning: This book contains a hot cop, a neat and tidy executive, dirty talk, kink in an airport, mile-high shenanigans and a little podophilia. And love.




Three of Hearts
Riptide Publishing
Christmas 2014