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June 2015
Samhain Publishing
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Sex may sell, but their deal doesn't include love...

Account Director Sloane Granderson has been given her orders by the CEO--tone down the antics of the “Brew Crew”, the guys at Huxworth Packard Advertising who work on their biggest account. Sure, they're all puffed up, strutting egos, but they're also the best and brightest creatives in Chicago. Including the newest recruit, disturbingly attractive Levi Wolcott.

Award-winning copywriter Levi is pumped to have been headhunted to Huxworth Packard to work on the beer account. But he's not off to a good start when he and Sloane first meet in an embarrassing encounter in a hotel hall, and the Brew Crew's merciless new-guy hazing doesn't improve his shaky first impression. Even worse, Levi can't ignore the intense attraction he has to Sloane.

Despite their mutual “hell no” when it comes to love, a moment of weakness makes Sloan and Levi believe business and pleasure can be kept separate, and maybe a little harmless sex isn't that dangerous.

Or maybe it's as harmless as a bomb with a lit fuse...

Warning: This book contains a hero with an award-winning, panty-melting vocabulary intent on the hard sell, and a take-charge businesswoman who doesn't mind giving up control in the bedroom...and thinks panties are overrated, anyway.


July 2015
Entangled Publishing
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September 29, 2015

Jenna McFadden is going home for Christmas and for the first time ever she’s bringing a boyfriend to meet the family. Pro hockey player Andrew Ross is home for the holidays, too with the people he calls family and considers home. When his family fell apart when he was a teenager, the McFaddens took him in and gave him the home he needed.

Jenna thought she was over Andrew. Andrew hoped he was over Jenna. That college weekend they spent together mostly in bed should never have happened. But there’s still something hot and magnetic that pulls them together irresistibly.

After losing so much, Andrew’s new family means everything to him. How can he risk losing everything again by touching the one girl who’s off limits?


November 17, 2015
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Marc Dupuis, AKA Captain Codger, takes his pro hockey career seriously. He's carrying the burden of the Chicago Aces' lacklustre start this season and he's determined to turn things around. He doesn't need a distraction like his best friend's sexy sister who suddenly arrives to live with them.

Lovey Armstrong has never settled down with a job, a boyfriend or even a hair color. Her life motto, tattooed on her torso, is “live, laugh, love”. Big brother Duncan was destined from childhood to be an NHL superstar, and to make up for all the time and attention he got, her parents gave her anything she wanted. Now she's determined to prove to herself and to everyone else that she's not a spoiled, flaky screw up, by moving to Chicago and starting her own business.

But hey there, nice bonus--her brother's roommate Marc is super hot, although a little on the serious side. Lovey doesn't see the problem with a fun fling with Marc...and what Lovey wants, Lovey gets...

Duncan has made it clear to Marc (and the entire hockey team) that his little sister is seriously off limits. Marc knows he can't touch Lovey, but when she flirts with him, wanders around in skimpy underwear and charms him into relaxing and having fun, how long will his self-control last?


March 15, 2016
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June 7, 2016
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