SEptember 26, 2016

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In the delicate balance between pleasure and pain, love can be found…or lost.

 Danya finally has the kind of relationship she thought she wanted, filled with soft touches and gentle smiles. Sweet as a skinny vanilla latte. And just as unsatisfying.

Bored literally to tears, hungry for more, she does the right thing and breaks it off. As she wanders down the beach, wondering how—or if—she’ll ever find what’s missing in her life, she stops by Karma Coffee to see her favorite barista.

Carter is delighted when his favorite Sunday afternoon flirtation volunteers to help on the busiest night of the week, Sexpresso Night. For months he’s sensed hidden depths within Danya’s big, green eyes. The way she follows his orders, responds to his praise, makes him want to savor every inch of her tawny skin. Drink in every sweet cry as he takes command of her desires.

Succumbing to his seduction, Danya’s inhibitions melt away as the hard pleasure she’s been craving torches her body. But when Carter shows her his deepest secrets, the pain of a past D/s relationship gone wrong reminds her it’s risky to fall in love. Trouble is, it’s already too late…