October 2004

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Soft skills are nice, but they’re no substitute for a nice dual hard drive.

Kenzie had high hopes for this tech conference, if only to discover if the sparks she and her colleague, Noah, have been generating online are just as hot in real time. Instead, it’s like she’s watching a testosterone-fueled tennis match. 

On one side is Noah, the sexy, handsome tech geek who works in her company’s Chicago division. On the other is Shaun, an equally hot computer industry friend with whom she once shared conference benefits.

One minute the two men are practically arm wrestling for her attention. The next, they’re offering to fulfill Kenzie’s hottest erotic dream. With her tremulous yes, Noah and Shaun work in delicious tandem to prove there are no limits to pleasure.

The next morning, though, Kenzie’s on edge. Both men are dear to her in different ways. But by indulging in a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy, has she sacrificed her one chance at something special?