Romance tropes

For any new-to-me readers, I thought I'd post a list of my books by romance trope - we all have those ones we go to over and over again (for me it's friends to lovers, also lately I've been loving enemies to lovers!) or some that we hate and avoid. So here's a list of some familiar tropes and which of my books include that trope...

Opposites attract — Body Shot, Icing

Fake girlfriend/boyfriend — Shut Out, Sweet Deal

Best friend’s little sister — Major Misconduct, Off Limits

Office romance — No Obligation Required, Limited Time Offer, Sweet Deal, All I Want for Christmas

Friends to Lovers — Her Stand-In Boyfriend, Friends With Benefits, With Strings Attached, Rigger

Unrequited Love -- No Obligation Required

Billionaire hero — Playing Dirty, Sweet Obsession, Dare Me, Body Shot

Menage à trois — One Wicked Night, Rule of Three series, Loving Maddie, Three of Hearts, Love Me, Love Me More, 2 Hot 2 Handle, How to Love, Lost and Found, Conference Call

Professional athlete hero (other than hockey ) Slammed (Pro surfer)

Fling -- Top Shelf, Friends With Benefits, Limited Time Offer, Slap Shot, All Messed Up, Breakaway, Irish Sex Fairy

Motorcycle club — Hot Ride

Second chance — Jilted, Worth Waiting For, Offside, Off Limits, Back Check

Enemies to lovers — Crazy Ever After,  Power Play, Hot Shot, Cross Check

Younger man/older woman — Power Struggle, All Messed Up

Cop hero — All Messed Up, Hot Ride (undercover), You Really Got Me, Irish Sex Fairy

Military -- Navy SEALs -- Body Shot, Hot Shot, Long Shot

BDSM (not really a trope, but thought I'd include) — Power Struggle, Power Play, Power Shift, You Really Got Me, Sweet Obsession, All Messed Up, Playing Dirty, Rigger, Sexpresso Night


Kelly Jamieson