November updates!

Thanks to everyone who bought Slap Shot! I’m always so grateful when people buy and read my books. The next Aces book won’t be out for a while (July!) so don’t forget about me and my hockey guys! But I’ll have a couple of other books out in the meantime…

Long Shot - the last book of the Last Shot series - out in February

Screwed - out in May

Don’t forget about my Pinterest board for Aces hockey for some visual inspiration…and some hints at upcoming characters…

If you haven’t already got it, Breakaway is still free everywhere! Great chance to start my Aces Hockey series!









Reader questions of the month!

Speaking of Breakaway…

A few readers have asked about the loose ends in the story…wondering about an epilogue.

Well, Breakaway is book 1 in my Heller Brothers hockey, and the loose ends are all tied up if you keep reading the series…you’ll read more about Jase and Remi and Jase’s baby…also Heller brothers Tag and Logan. The series ends with Matt’s book, Offside, where you get a little look at the future and an epic epilogue that ties up the whole series. I made myself cry with that one. :-)

I’ve also had a few emails about my Brew Crew series:

Will there be another book in the Brew Crew series? Why isn't there an epilogue in the first two books?

When I started this series, my plan was to write 3 books. At that time, they were published with Samhain Publishing. Sales had been declining sharply and I was hesitant to write even book 2 in the series, but I’d committed to that one. Before I could write book 3, Samhain went out of business. I got the rights back and re-released books 1 and 2, and I could still write book 3, but I’ve signed contracts with another publisher that limit when I can publish other books. I’m pretty much booked up with them until March 2019. It could still happen, but it looks really hard to fit it into my schedule.

As far as an epilogue goes---I’d hoped to give that peek at the future for Levi and Sloane, and Bailey and Mason, in book 3 —  but the question gave me the idea of writing an “epilogue” that I could share with readers…so if I can find time to squeeze that in, I definitely will!

Here are a few new things I'm involved in:

Racy Reads Party Room

Racy Reads names.png

This is a fabulous new Facebook group I’m part of — lots of amazing authors interacting daily with readers, awesome giveaways, parties and takeovers, news about releases and sales, and lots of fun!


And have you heard of Book + Main?

This is brand new and I haven’t even got a good feel for it yet, but sounds like it has awesome potential as a way of discovering new authors and books. (I’m a reader too and always looking for new reads!). I’m trying it out, so come follow me and let’s find new books together!


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I bought these new shoes...aren't they adorable? 



Wine - a really delicious ZInfandel

wine  napa.jpg


Lip gloss - I'm so pleased with this find! The colour (Maple) is nice and natural for me, and it has lots of pigment and is shiny, but lasts long like a lipstick.

lip gloss.jpg

Playlist - I'm loving Your Favourite Coffeehouse!



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