Long Shot is now available!

Yay! Long Shot, Book 3 in my Last Shot series, is now out! I'm a little sad because it's the end of the series, but I'm excited for you to have Cade and Reese's story. (And lots of readers are falling in love with Jack, apparently!) For those who haven't read the first 2 books, no worries - they can all be read as a standalone, so feel free to start with this one!

I love a really good "grand gesture" from the character who screws up the most - and I think Cade nails it in this book. That's all I'm sayin'. 


I didn't do a February update here, for a really dumb reason. My internet was acting up the day I was trying to post and every time I tried to upload a picture, the site crashed and I lost everything. I finally gave up in complete frustration (yes there were several F bombs). So far, things seem okay so let's try this again!

The days are already getting longer - woohoo, it's still light out after 5:00 PM! Lots of people I know are off on hot holidays to Mexico or Cuba, but not me *sigh*. I had my trip "south" when I went to Chicago last month, LOL. But that's okay because I'm busy, busy writing. I'm that close to finishing Big Stick, Aces Hockey book 8, which will be out in October. And then...I'll be writing book 9, which is likely going to be the last in the Aces series.  But don't worry! I'll definitely be writing more hockey! Stay tuned for news about a new series.

Did you notice the new look for the blog and website?  Thanks to the awesome Lauren Layne and Anth at Last Word Designs for the refresh! I love how clean and simple it is!

My favorite things.jpg


I used to buy my favorite lip balm (and that's actually what it's called!) at Bath and Body Works, but they don't seem to carry it any more. So I went on line and googled Dr. Bigelow and found it! Yeah! I ordered a whole bunch, so I am well stocked for a while. I love this night balm because it's thick and it stays on all night, and it tastes DELICIOUS.



I'm still into these red wines that are aged in whiskey barrels. I've tried a few others now...this one's a Canadian wine from the Okanagan, which is also aged in whiskey barrels.



I haven't bought any shoes for a while, but I keep pinning pics on Pinterest - I love these ones!




Kelly Jamieson