April Updates!

I have a new cover!


Isn’t this gorgeous?? I absolutely love it. He has the perfect expression for Cash.

I don’t have pre-order links yet, but you can add it on Goodreads


Other news


Some of you might not appreciate how f*cking important this! Since Jets 2.0 came back to Winnipeg, we’ve only made it to the playoffs once, and we lost in 4 (hard fought, physical) games. THIS WHOLE HOCKEY CRAZY CITY IS GOING TO GO NUTS!


I’m beside myself with excitement, while tempering that with some realism. *sigh* Whatever happens, I’m happy not only for me and all the other fans, I’m happy for the players. At the beginning of the season, Captain Blake Wheeler said something like “it has to be this year.” I know it’s been frustrating for him and others. So I’m thrilled for them to have this. They’ve worked hard for it. They deserve it. And we are all behind you and cheering for you to go all the way!!


Things I’m loving

Just recommended this oil to another author who also has not-curly, not-straight, frizzy hair. I swear by this stuff. My hair is so dry and frizzy, this turns it into normal-looking smooth hair.



Found this new concealer and it’s pretty awesome! I don’t know if anything will help the big bags under my eyes, but I like how natural this looks.


I hope spring weather is finding you!. We're having a slow spring, but oh well, summer will come!


Kelly Jamieson