Screwed is out now!


Screwed_1600x2400 (1).jpg

(I'm still in love with this cover!)

I just want to remind folks that this book was previously released as a part of The Sutherlands multi-author anthology a few years ago, so some of you may already have read it. It has been re-edited, updated, and about 20,000 words added.

Check out more about it here!

Other May news…

I just signed a contract with Loveswept for a new hockey series! Woohoo! Watch for more news about Wynns Hockey, coming in 2019!

I’ve been happily digging in dirt and planting my flowers. The weather here has been lovely although we could probably use more rain.

If you’re not into gardening and flowers, this might not excite you but YOU GUYS! I found a dream come true plant – a YELLOW MANDEVILLA.



My old auntie, who also used to love to garden, used to buy me a Mandevilla plant every spring—and they were absolutely lovely, but they have PINK flowers. Nothing wrong with pink, but I’m not a “pink” person. I like lots of oranges and yellows in my garden. So when I found this yellow Mandevilla, I had to have it!

Do you like Sangria? I do, especially in summer! I found this sangria that is super delicious and easy since it’s already made. You don’t even have to add fruit, it tastes amazing even without, but adding some is nice.


Enjoy your summer and happy reading!




Kelly Jamieson