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Beneath mastery is dependence; beneath submission is strength... 

Gabe Pejovic’s lifestyle as a Master Dom is leaving him empty and cold. Everything else in his life seems to be falling apart too. Taking a break from the BDSM scene seems like a good idea—until he meets the perfect submissive. 

When Reagan Somerville’s marriage fell apart, she was humiliated, alone and afraid. All her life, other people looked after her. But never again. She's starting a new life as a strong, independent woman. The last thing she wants is to be trapped in another controlling relationship. Letting a dominant, strong man like Gabe into her new life could cost her everything she’s worked so hard for. 

But Reagan sees inside Gabe to the emotions he’s keeping locked up, and somehow she knows how to unlock those feelings. Gabe is determined to never lose control, to never show weakness, to never reveal the secrets he’s hiding deep inside. Does he have the strength to let himself be vulnerable, to let himself feel pain and grief so he can experience the joy and sweetness of love? And can he show Reagan there’s a difference between caring and control? 

This sizzling hot romance about a mature, wounded hero who overcomes his past to find love and fulfillment is a stand-alone story with a guaranteed happily-ever-after and includes a feel-good epilogue featuring Tori and Dev from Power Struggle, and Tara and Cole from Power Play.