October 2004

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In the hands of a master, the fine art of pain can be sheer pleasure…

Alek Croft is in a bind—and no one appreciates the irony more than his best friend, Shaela Hudson. He’s hard up against a deadline to finish his art book featuring Shibari bondage, and he’s short one model. Shaela would be perfect for the photo shoot, if he can just wheedle her out of her comfort zone and into his studio.

The unconventional…preferences…Alek has developed since their high school days make Shaela’s stomach quiver. Yet his erotic photographs are beautiful, and she’s more than a little curious. Besides, when she looks into his eyes, she can’t say no.

Under Alek’s sure, steady hand, Shaela is unexpectedly transported to a mental state where all her stresses—her hypercritical father, her soul-sucking job—fall away in a haze of sensual pleasure and achingly beautiful pain. 

Yet while she finds it easy to trust Alek’s skill with a rope, she wonders if he’s opening the door to a whole new world…or enticing her to do the one thing she swore she’d never do—surrender complete control of her body and soul to a man who will inevitably break her heart.