I’m in editing hell!!

This week, I got back all three manuscripts from all three publishers with editing to be done. My shoulders are throbbing. My mousing hand is aching. And cold. It gets cold when I mouse a lot. I can do it with my left hand but some of those clicks in “track changes” have to be so precise it’s really hard with my left hand.

The editing process hasn’t been as painful as I might have thought, over all. It’s kind of like the ultimate critique – with none of the little encouraging comments! J But all my editors have provided lots of positive feedback in their e-mails to me, about how much they like the stories. I really hope readers like them too when they’re finally released!

I’m not a very patient person and the publishing business moves so slowly. And this is e-publishing! In print I understand it’s even slower. It took a whole year for one publisher to respond to my query. I’d given up on it. And that’s just the start of the process.

Do I sound like I’m whining and complaining? Because I’m not! No, no, no, I am so happy to be editing work for publication. I actually like editing, except the bad thing is I want to completely re-write some parts. I could edit forever. And I’m learning so much – like, I really need to start using some commas!

I love every part of writing – thinking up ideas, working through the plot, inventing characters, then the actually writing (love that the best) and even revising and editing. The only part I don’t like is what comes after that – the selling part. Sending out query after query, and all the rejection. That sucks. And it takes so much time away from what I really want to do, which is write.