Finally relief!!

Photo: Lance Thomson Photographic

One morning last week the temperature here was -50 Celsius with the wind chill. The actual temperature was something like -37. That is painfully cold. I couldn’t believe that it was going to warm up this weekend as forecasters predicted, but hallelujah it did! Today is only -7. I was actually able to get outside for a run instead of running on my boring treadmill.

And with the “warmer” weather, our city’s longest skating rink in the world has been very busy this weekend. Last year we set a record with 8.54 kilometres of skating trail on the river. Today bulldozers were hard at work extending that path right by my home, as they plan to make it even longer this year, up to 9.34 kilometres. Our neighbours across the street from us are on the river, so we have only to cross the street and walk down a short path to access it. It’s like a whole other world down there, walking on the frozen river. It’s quiet, like you’re in the middle of the country instead of the middle of a city. We can let the dog off her leash and she can run like crazy with no worries of traffic. Many families have built toboggan runs down the riverbank and cleared their own small skating rinks. The picture above is one of them. I can’t wait to get down there and skate on it, so here’s hoping the deep freeze is over and we can now get outside and enjoy winter!
Kelly JamiesonComment