Insatiable Part 5


Tyler threw open the bathroom door then slammed it shut behind him. He turned on the shower and stepped into it fully clothed, the cold water a shocking jolt to his overheated body. He flattened both palms on the tiled wall and leaned there, arm muscles rigid. The icy water ran over his back, drenching his clothing, turning it to a frigid weight on his body. He sucked in deep breaths through gritted teeth.
He could not believe what had just happened. He loved flirting with Chloe and touching her, but he didn’t think about her that way. She had a boyfriend, for Chrissake, and he needed her too much to scare her away with sexual advances. Although she’d instigated it.
He slammed a palm against the wall and closed his eyes. Jesus, he should fire her ass for doing that. After a few more deep breaths, though, he knew he couldn’t.
As his scattered thoughts came together, jelling in the brisk downpour, he contemplated her little act. She’d said it was an act - but how could she have faked that kind of reaction? She’d been hot, desperate – wet. You couldn’t fake that. And there was no denying his own red hot reaction. He groaned again.
Shivers quaked his body. He reached over and cranked the tap off, stripped off his wet clothes and left them lying in the shower, then strode naked from the bathroom to his bedroom. If Chloe saw him – oh well.
He dragged on a pair of black pants and a white T-shirt and returned to the living room, every muscle tense, his jaw clenched so tight it ached. Chloe handed him a cup of coffee. Oh yeah. Coffee. He took it from her without a word and gulped it. Strong and black, just how he liked it. She knew how he liked it. Jesus. He drank again, the coffee scalding his tongue.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
He narrowed his eyes at her. “I’m so furious I’d like to turn you over my lap and spank your ass.”
“Promises, promises.”
A jolt of heat speared through him at her words and he stared at her.
“Okay, let’s go,” she said, picking up her purse. “I’ll drive.”
When they arrived at the restaurant, she pulled up out front and stopped. “Aren’t you coming in?”
She shook her head. “I have a date tonight.” What! Hot fury spiked inside him again. He gripped the door handle so tightly his fingers hurt. She was all primed and hot, thanks to him, and she was going out with someone else? Probably whatshisname...Michael. Unbelievable! ”Relax, Tyler.” She put a hand on his upper arm. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He slammed out of the car and stalked into the restaurant.

* * *

When Michael picked her up that evening, Chloe still felt edgy and hot. Her pelvic area still had a full achiness and her inner muscles clenched every time she thought back to sitting on Tyler’s lap.
This would be the night. She and Michael were going to have sex. It would take that edge off and let her get back to her normal serene self.
One of Michael’s clients hosted the elegant cocktail party at the Biltmore. Whenever Chloe mentioned to other guests what she did for a living, people wanted to hear about Tyler.
“He is so sexy!” one woman gushed. “Those eyes are incredible! I saw him on TV the other night.”
Chloe smiled, feeling Michael tense beside her. When the couple moved off, Chloe sipped her drink and looked at Michael, his lips pressed together, brows drawn down.
She sighed. “What is it, Michael?”
He gave his head a slight shake and his forehead smoothed. “Nothing at all,” he said. “Let’s go talk to Jim and Barbara. I need to set up a golf game with him.”
She let him lead her through the crowd, smiling and greeting people. As he chatted with Jim she excused herself to find the ladies’ room. On her way back, she paused in the hallway outside the party and slipped her cell phone out of her bag.
“Good evening, Insatiable,” Lola purred. “Hi, it’s Chloe.” She paused. “Is everything okay there?”
“Everything is great!” Lola gave a big sigh. “Tyler is here and he’s on fire tonight!”
“Did Oprah show up?” “Yes! It’s so exciting! She’s here now. She wanted to meet him and he came out and talked to her, and he’s cooking for her right now. You know him; it’s got to be perfect.”
Chloe sighed and her tense muscles relaxed. “Okay, good. Just wanted to make sure he was there and doing okay.”
“You did it again,” Lola said. “What would we do without you, Chloe?”
Chloe smiled just as Michael appeared in the hall. He frowned at seeing her on the phone.
“Gotta go,” she said to Lola. “Bye.”
“Who were you talking to?”
“Lola. At the restaurant.” She snapped the tiny phone closed and tucked it in her bag. “Just making sure everything is okay there.”
“Christ, Chloe, can’t you leave that place for an hour?” She gazed at him, not really surprised at his sharp tone.
“Is it a problem if I check in at work?”
“You’re always checking in. You practically live there. And when you’re not there, you can’t stop talking about”
It was Tyler. She’d always sensed it.
“You sound...jealous.”
“Oh for God’s sake! I am not jealous,” he snapped. “Sometimes I would like your undivided attention. I want you, Chloe. Why are you holding back on me?”
She stared at him. She’d known this was coming.
“I’d like to go home now,” she said quietly.
He didn’t move.
“Chloe...I’m sorry. I don’t mean to pressure you. Let’s go back to your place and talk.”
She nodded and he went to get her wrap. She’d planned to sleep with Michael tonight. But that was before what had happened that afternoon with Tyler.
At her place, she let Michael follow her in, her stomach tight, her mind a whirl of crazy thoughts. She hated having all these...feelings. Feelings just got you in trouble.
She dropped her wrap and bag on the small table in the entrance of her small house. Then she turned to Michael, stepped closer to him and wound her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down to hers for a kiss, pressing her body against his long, lean length.
His arms went around her, his mouth opened on hers, hot and demanding, and he kissed her back.
She wanted to respond. She wanted to feel the same thrilling excitement she’d experienced that afternoon on Tyler’s lap. She wanted to burn up, melt down...but it wasn’t happening.
She felt nothing.
After a moment, Michael lifted his head. He looked at her. “What’s wrong, Chloe? Are you really mad at me?”
She shook her head and stepped back, out of his arms.
“I’m sorry, Michael. This isn’t going to work.”
“Okay, you’re not ready. I’ll wait. I’m patient.”
She shook her head again, slowly. “It’s never going to work. I’m sorry.”
He stared at her, his face tight. “You know he’ll never want you.”
“It’s not like that!”
But he turned and slammed out of her front door.
Lord, what had she done? She’d only wanted to show Tyler what an ass he was and get him back to his restaurant to avoid a disaster. Now everything was turned upside down. Her calm and organized life was a storm of emotion and the turbulence inside her terrified her.