What I'm Reading Wednesday

Well I’m going to start something new on my blog – every Wednesday I’ll post what I’m reading. This kind of happened because I had to redesign my website, which is a good news/bad news kind of story. The good news is I have so many books out (or coming out) that I didn’t have room for them all on one page of my cheap...uh, I mean fiscally prudent website. So I had to lose the page where I talk about what I’m reading, which was hard to keep updated anyway.

Because I’m always reading something. I don’t plan to do a review of every book I read, but I’ll tell you what I just read, or am reading, and make some comments.

Just to get caught up – my most recent reads are:
Love Walked In – by Marisa de los Santos
Belong to Me – by Marisa de los Santos
The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu
Tribute – by Nora Roberts

Reading now: Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh.

So…Marisa de los Santos. Her writing is beautiful. Her story is seamless. Since I’ve been writing I’m able to predict story lines with finger-snapping regularity. Not this time. In Belong to Me, she totally smacked me in the side of the head. When I went back, the clues were all there…but so subtle and seamless I didn’t see them. I LOVE that. I ADMIRE that. So much that I am now paralyzed by inferiority. There is no possible way I can ever write anything so good, so why bother even trying? (Which is why I don’t play golf. There’s no way I’ll ever hit that ball 150 yards straight, so why bother even trying? Oops. I hear my mother’s voice about my piano playing – no wait, that’s my voice, talking to my daughter about her piano playing – “ practice makes perfect”. Aaaaagh. )

Tribute – it’s Nora. She tells a great story. I loved it. I loved the house. I loved the hero – so untraditional – the woman is the one who wields tools and builds houses, the man can’t even pick up a tool without hurting someone. He’s a geek but he’s still strong and masculine- love it.

Only Pleasure – Lora! What’s with the headhopping???? Maybe I never noticed this before. But I still love you.

My TBR pile – okay these days with digital books it’s not so much a pile, although I do have several Harlequin Blaze books waiting to be read, thanks to editorial assistant Laura Barth at Harlequin, who rewarded me for a good deed with free books! Thanks Laura!

I’ve been downloading free Valentine’s reads from Harlequin and Samhain and the Romance Divas. The only one I’ve actually read so far is OWNED by Nara Malone at the Romance Divas . Okay, I confess, it’s because she’s my critique partner. This story is amazing. I couldn’t even critique it because it’s way beyond my level. (Another incident of being paralyzed by inferiority.) She has been experimenting with flash fiction and put together this creative, innovative, evocative story that will blow your mind. Check it out!