What I'm Reading Wednesday

Finished "Only Pleasure" by Lora Leigh. Another very hot story.

Started "My Man Michael" by Lori Foster. Her heroine is from the 23rd century. I'm not usually into time travel stories but I love Lori Foster and I'm intrigued about what's going to happen. Will keep reading.

Also just started "The Lifestyle" by Terry Gould. This book is about “what it means to be part of a fast-growing subculture of consenting, mainstream adults who are changing the rules of sexual behaviour for pair-bonded humans.” Okay, married swingers. Research only, folks.

And - I'm not going to name the title or author of the book I read over the weekend because I am TOTALLY FREAKED OUT! I started reading this book, and there were so many similarities between it and a book I wrote about four months ago I could not believe it! There is no way this author knew anything about my story and no way I could have known anything about hers, so it's kind of freaky. As I got further into the book the similarities lessened. Her main conflict was completely different than mine, and the characters are different, too, so in the end the stories are not the same. But wow! Here I think I'm coming up with something new and fresh and different and someone else has the very same idea. But as one fellow writer pointed out, every story will be told in a different way, with a different voice, so no two stories will ever be exactly the same.

Fellow writers, has that ever happened to you?