Insatiable Part 14

Yup, she was busted. Chloe’s mind spun with what Tyler had just told her, even as he deepened her confusion by touching her and kissing her. He was so gorgeous, so big and hard, so hot against her body. She’d been resisting him for so long and lately the only thing keeping him back was the thought of Michael in the background. Because she knew if he didn’t stop because of Michael, she would never be able to.
She was lost. She knew it. Done. He was seducing her with all the finesse and charm he possessed, and she was helpless to resist it. She let out a small moan and gave herself up to it, wanting to experience the heat, the thrill, the excitement of making love with Tyler, like she almost had that afternoon at his house.
She’d never been so turned on as she had been that day with Tyler, and it terrified her. Highs were always followed by crashing lows, and she knew the only thing that could come out of this high was heartbreak. Tyler was not the kind of man to stick with a woman and God knew why he was interested in her, but she didn’t expect it to be any different with her than it was with the long string of broken hearts he’d left in his wake over the years.
But at this moment all she wanted was to feel. She hadn’t felt for so long. Tyler was right. She never laughed, she never cried...until last night. She never lusted for someone, wanted them so much that she ached with it low in her belly. She’d never felt that with Michael. She wanted to ache and shiver and know the pleasure of Tyler filling her up and the ecstasy of coming with him.
“Let go, Chloe,” he urged her, seeming to know what she thinking.
“Yes,” she whispered back.
And she let go.
She opened her mouth under his and her tongue sought his. She slid her hands up his chest, over his shoulders, one hand around the back of his neck, his skin fever hot. Her fingers slid up into his short, silky hair just as she’d always wanted.
She was drifting, mindless, floating in a pool of sensation. All she knew at that moment was the feel of him, the taste of him, the smell of him. She lifted her mouth off his and pressed her face to the side of his neck, inhaled his spicy scent, inhaled again. She couldn’t get enough of him.
His hands were all over her, sliding under her tank top, shoving it up, and her breasts ached for his touch. She shifted beside him to allow him better access and gave a small gasp when his hands cupped her breasts, shaping them, squeezing them gently. His fingers pinched her nipples and sensation shot through her to her womb, making her inner muscles clench and her pelvis arch against him.
“You’re so hot, Chloe,” he murmured, and he lowered his head to take a nipple into his mouth. Her hand still in his hair, she pulled him down to her breast, her head falling back with delight. His mouth opened on the sensitive tip, closed over it and sucked. Sensation streaked through her body, and she almost came. She squeezed her legs together, trying to get enough pressure to complete the build-up but wasn’t quite enough and she groaned with frustration.
“Chloe, did you almost come?” He lifted his head from her breast to gaze at her. She met his eyes, blazing and wicked. She melted inside, a pool of hot liquid between her legs.
“So close,” she moaned. “Make me come, Tyler.”
“Oh, yeah.” Now he groaned, and took her other nipple into his mouth, tasting her, sucking her, licking her. Pleasure cascaded over her, over every sensitive nerve ending, setting her on fire.
“Oh God! Tyler...”
“You taste incredible, sweetheart,” he murmured, mouth on her nipple. He kissed it, then the other one, then again proceed to lick and suck on her tender breasts. They swelled beneath his touch.
Her hips lifted off the couch, her pelvis achingly empty, needing to be filled, and she trembled with the need to come.
“Hey, be patient, sweetheart.” His hands stroked her ribcage and her waist, making her quiver. He pressed his hand to her stomach. “I want to make you come, Chloe,” he said in a low, shaky voice. “I’m going to make you come. I’m going to eat you until you come against my mouth. I want to lick you, drink you up, taste all of you...”
“Oh God!” His words incited her to levels of excitement she had never experienced, desire rocketing through her.
“I’m going to take you into your bedroom and fuck your brains out,” he said. “And then I’m going to do it again. I’m going to fuck you all night. And that probably won’t be enough.”
She was shattering into little pieces at his words, shivering with excitement and longing, desperate for fulfillment. She wanted to taste him too, dazed and drunk with the idea of seeing Tyler come, giving him the ultimate pleasure, and it was going to be in her arms.
“Tyler, Tyler.” She scrambled up onto her knees on the couch beside him. She gripped his t-shirt with her hands and yanked, trying to get him up off the couch. He laughed softly.
His hands cupped her butt, fingers on bare skin, and with only a stroke, he had pushed the hem of her shorts up so that her cheeks filled his hands. “Jesus,” he whispered, caressing her.
His fingers on her bare bottom and the back of her thighs were agonizingly sweet, sending exquisite flames licking up her spine. He kept stroking softly, almost tickling her. His hands slid higher under the shorts, cuddled her cheeks, then trailed down her thighs, again and again. She shifted her knees apart on the couch to give him access to the heat between her legs. His fingers came tantalizingly close. Her eyes were closed, head thrown back, hands still clutching his shirt. When she lifted her heavy lids she saw him watching her.
His eyes glittered with excitement and desire and his face was take-your-breath-away gorgeous. She’d never seen him look like that, so fascinated, so enthralled, and a shiver of power went through her. She’d been avoiding him for so long it was astonishing to realize that he was as crazed and needy as she was.
His eyes moved over her body, to her breasts now partially covered by the tank top, nipples hard points, the shorts now riding low on her hip bones. Then his gaze returned to her face and focused on her mouth, and the heat in his gaze seared her senses.
Burning up, melting down...that’s what was happening. Just what she’d wanted.
Liquid heat pooled between her legs so intensely she was sure moisture was running down her legs. She let go of Tyler’s shirt and slipped her hand between her thighs to feel for it. His gaze followed her hand and his eyes scorched her.
“That’s so hot, baby,” he whispered.
She nodded mindlessly and her eyes fell closed again as she pressed her hand between her thighs, needy and pulsing.
His hands tightened on her butt almost painfully, then tugged the shorts, pulling them down a little. Chloe moved her hand away and almost fell onto him. She opened her eyes again and looked down at herself. The shorts rode low, and soft curls of gold peeked over the waistband.
Tyler followed her gaze and slowly, slowly tugged the shorts lower until the small puff of golden curls was fully revealed to him. The shorts dropped to her knees and she slowly sat back on her heels. Then she grabbed the bottom hem of her tank top with crossed arms and dragged it up and over her head.
She knelt beside him, naked except for the shorts around her knees. Her eyes met his, trembling inside, hopeful that she would meet with his approval, knowing he had much to compare her to.
“You’re beautiful, Chloe,” he whispered, almost reverently. The look of awe on his face sent warmth flooding through her. “I’ve waited so long for this.” He touched her breasts with just his fingertips, trailed his fingers down her abdomen, making her shiver.
He took her hands in his, lifted them to his mouth. He kissed the inside of one wrist, his gaze still locked on hers. The caress to the sensitive skin of her wrist was incredibly erotic. His tongue flicked out and then he sucked gently right over her pulse. He moved his mouth to her other wrist, kissing, licking, sucking. His eyes fell closed and his mouth slid up her arm to her inner elbow, and she thought she was going to die of ecstasy as thick liquid pleasure poured over her and her heart expanded in her chest.
She pressed her thighs together, quivering and wet. “I’m dying, Tyler.”
He smiled against her elbow and licked her again. “Me too.”

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