What I'm Reading Wednesday

I still haven't gone back and finished Submission by Cherie Feather but I did finish Let Me In by Donna Kauffman, although I have to confess I skimmed a lot of slow moving parts. The love story was very moving though and the ending did have more action.

I also read Cry for Passion by Robin Schone. This book is very intelligent and certainly makes you think about the history of women’s rights. However in terms of the romance, I felt distanced – Jack is a very tragic and wounded man, and normally I love a wounded hero, but his grief over the woman he loved and lost seems to overshadow the feelings developing for Rose. It made it hard to believe that their relationship actually could grow into something deeper than a sexual one. Robin Schone has a unique voice and writing style and does tell an interesting and thought-provoking story with accurate historical perspetive.

I’ve just started Kisses like a Devil by Diane Whiteside.