What I'm Reading Wednesday

This week I finished Bound and Determined by Shelley Bradley. Having expected bondage, (although ultimately I wasn’t disappointed in the story!) I decided to next read Submission by Cherie Feather. Unfortunately, too many explanations and “definitions” keep taking me right out of the story. I know what “aftercare” is, thank you. If you must explain it, find a better way. And her description of an orgasm: “She just came.” Next paragraph: “He didn’t come...” Sorry, not to discourage anyone who wants to read a story about Domination and submission. I’ll probably finish this, but I had to stop. Instead I started reading Donna Kauffman’s Let Me In. I like many of Donna Kauffman’s books. I think she’s very good at building sexual tension. But I’m getting impatient for a payoff...this one’s moving very slowly.

Big sigh.

What happens when you’re favorite go-to authors disappoint you?

Lately I’ve read a few books by my favs that just haven’t excited me and I’m not sure why. In fact at the bookstore, I picked up the latest release by one of my LONG time favorite authors and started randomly reading. I could tell right away that the male character was exactly like every other male character in her other books, and the conflict between the two of them was the same as every other story. So I didn’t even buy it.

Some authors switch genres, like Lori Foster writing as LL Foster. Except I have to say, I read the first Servant story but it was so dark and didn’t have enough sexing and loving for me, so I haven’t read the next one. In Lori’s most recent romance, she experimented with time travel. That was new and different.

What can authors do to keep things fresh and interesting for their readers?