Deleted scene!

Since my story Insatiable wrapped up last week, this week I thought I'd post a deleted scene from Love Me just for fun! This was originally my opening, but I usually rewrite my openings and I cut this one:

She didn’t have her car keys. Damn it.
Melina burrowed through her purse. Not there. She gritted her teeth. The one morning she had to get to work early, everything was going wrong. Every little thing seemed to take so much longer – her hair wouldn’t go straight under the flat iron, the blouse she’d chosen to wear had a stain on it that she hadn’t seen, the other blouse that went with her pink tweed suit needed to be ironed, there was a pile of Gavin’s shirts on the ironing board – it went on and on.
And now she didn’t have her car keys. She closed her eyes. Where the hell were they? Then she remembered, she’d rushed back into the bathroom to check her teeth just as she’d been on her way out the door the first time. She’d probably left them there.
She ran back into the apartment. She could hear the shower running. Gavin was in there, getting ready for work. Oh well. She had to find her keys.
Without knocking, she opened the bathroom door and walked in, eyes roving over the vanity. Ha, there they were!
She was reaching out a hand to snatch up the keys when her eyes were drawn to the silhouette of Gavin’s body behind the fogged-up glass door of the shower. Her mouth dropped open and she froze in place.
His head was back, both hands between his legs, one hand apparently cupping his balls, the other fisting his cock and pumping.
He was masturbating.
She stared at him, her body tight and still. Why was he doing that?
Just last night she’d wanted to have sex and he’d rolled over and mumbled something about being too tired. Then she was lying there, achy, needy and rejected, while he snored softly.
She swallowed hard, anger and hurt making her hot and tense even as Gavin let out a moan audible over the sound of the water. She backed out of the room, keys in hand, and quietly shut the door. She stood in the hall, drew in a shaky breath.
She just didn’t get it. What guy would turn down sex and then a few hours later, masturbate? She slowly walked down the hall to the door of their apartment, only realizing as she let herself out that getting to work early was not going to happen.
Not only did she arrive at her usual time but the first hour of the morning was spent staring blankly at her computer screen. When her friend Kevin came by her office to go for coffee she’d accomplished nothing. Zip. Zilch.
They went to the Starbuck’s across the street from their office building.
“Did you know you could save five hundred dollars a year by making your coffee at home?” Kevin asked her as they found a seat in the back of the restaurant.
“Yeah. We must spend a fortune coming here every day.”
Kevin gave her a look. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing.” Melina sighed and stirred her coffee.
“Bullshit. You look like someone died.”
She gave her friend a small smile. “I’m worried about Gavin and me.”
“Oh.” Kevin grimaced. “Trouble in paradise? I can’t believe it.”
“Hardly paradise,” Melina answered. Then she sighed again. “Well, actually, it was paradise. For the first six months. I don’t know what happened.” She lifted her eyes to Kevin’s face. “You’re a guy. Help me out here. I don’t understand how he could just suddenly lose interest in me.”
“Have you two been living together for six months already?”
“Yeah. Six months. I was so happy.” She sniffed.
Kevin sat back in his chair and frowned. “You’re not going to cry are you?”
“Why are guys so afraid of tears?” she demanded, with another sniffle. “And no, I’m not going to cry.”
“Good.” He sipped his coffee. “Guys don’t like all that mushy, emotional stuff. That’s all. When girls cry, it scares us.”
“Then why’d you ask me what’s wrong, if you didn’t want to hear it? God, men are bizarre.”
Kevin grinned. “Sorry. Go ahead. Tell me everything.”
Melina just pushed in one corner of her mouth in a crooked smile. “Never mind. How much money could we save by not coming here? I could buy shoes…”