Release day and contest!

My second Amber Quill Press book is out today (Amber Heat) – How to Save a Life.

Marli McKinnon returns to Cactus Jack’s Saloon, hoping to find the man who murdered her best friend. Instead she meets another stranger - a big, gorgeous man with whom she shares a surprising connection, to whom she’s unwillingly attracted.

FBI Special Agent Trey Nicholson’s life was ripped apart by the biggest screw-up of his career. When Trey realizes with horror that the serial killer he let get away has killed again, he too feels a need to do something. Each motivated by guilt, Trey and Marli work together to try to find the killer before he kills again...before he kills Marli.

Trey would be absolutely mortified by this, but he’s up for Hottest Hero at The Romance Studio - Summer 2009 go vote for him! Trey’s a bossy, overprotective FBI agent who saves Marli’s life more than once. Only he doesn’t realize she’s not the only one who needs saving - and there’s more than one way to save a life.

Here’s a photo that inspired Trey…


Okay this one’s tricky, so I’m leaving it open indefinitely. The first one to email me at and answer this question wins a free download of How to Save a Life:

Which of my other books has a small connection to How to Save a Life, and what is the connection?

HINT: You don’t have to have read How to Save a Life, just the excerpt on the Amber Heat website , or my website but you would have to read the other book….