WIPs and Chains

Before I talk about writing, just want to mention that I'm a guest over at Beth Kery's blog. Beth is a fellow Ellora's Cave and Samhain author and we have the same agent, the fabulous Laura Bradford. I'm giving away a download of Rigger there so come on over!

The WIP (I’m calling it Office Wife) is coming along nicely. I’m really trying to keep the momentum up by NOT going back and editing every time I open the document. I seem to have developed this habit and while I know some writers work that way, it doesn’t seem to work well for me. It seems to stall the creative process and I feel I’m using the “editing” as a tool to procrastinate on the actual writing. It used to be that I HAD to get the story out of me – out of my head and onto the screen, which gave me a lot of push to keep going and motivation to finish. I had to find out what was going to happen! Since I started plotting more, I no longer feel that drive to get the story out, I guess because I already know the story and what’s going to happen.

Except I don’t really know what’s going to happen, because when I get writing, things suddenly take a turn I didn’t expect – characters react differently in the moment than I planned. I love that!

In this WIP I’ve got only the bare outline of my story and I want to just run with it and see what happens, more like what I did when I started writing. I hope I can find the best balance for me between plotting and pantsing.
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