Sick of reviews?

Gotta laugh, but I got two more!

This one's for Irish Sex Fairy from

Fraught with tension at the beginning...This is full of the complexities of life, joy, humor, and a woman who has to decide whether or not "they" win. I liked the premise the author worked with in this and can see a sequel possibility. This one is good for a night by the fire.

And another one for Sexpresso Night - 5 STARS from Just Erotic Romance Reviews newsletter:

“I loved everything about Sexpresso Night and to my surprise actually learned quite a bit more about coffee…Ms. Jamieson does a wonderful job showing their building emotions and pacing this story perfectly. The sex scenes were incredible, well-written and detailed…. Sexpresso Night is a story I will definitely be rereading and I will be on the lookout for other books by this author.”