Guest Beth Kery and a free book!

Beth is a fellow Bradford Bunch author and a newly discovered addition to my must-read list, and she has a new book out tomorrow! She agreed to answer a few questions and she's going to give away a free download of her recent Samhain release, Holiday Bound to one lucky commenter, so be sure to say hi! I'll draw the winner Tuesday morning, so check back then.

Publisher: Berkley Heat
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: February 2, 2010

His need for her was so absolute, he agreed to share her with another man in order to possess her.

Genny loved her husband Max, but something was missing—a sexual charge that was instead ignited by his business partner, Sean. He was ruggedly handsome, with a heart-stopping smile and a slow, sexy New Orleans drawl that made Genny weak. The more time they spent together, the stronger the attraction between them became and when her husband offered to share her with Sean for one intoxicating night, both Genny and Sean were too tempted to refuse.

That night in the company penthouse, Max and Sean showed Genny the heights of ecstasy. But it was Sean who scored her very spirit, and one-on-one, they were red hot. But as Genny learns, there’s a price to pay for such impulsive pleasure. What began as a night of forbidden desire spirals into a whirlpool of murder, sensual submission, secrets, and a scorching passion that threatens to consume everyone it touches.

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Kelly: First I juast have to say, I can't wait to read this book! Tell us a little more about Release and how this story came to be.

Beth: Release started as a surprise phone call from my agent, who said that Berkley had a slot opening, and could I do an emergency proposal? I had this very sketchy idea: what would happen if three people shared an impulsive menage a trois one night, one of the lovers was murdered afterwards, and the remaining man and woman suspected each other of the murder? So from there, I added this whole plot that involved a private intelligence firm and two lovers who are madly in love being reunited after years of separation. Luckily, I have a good friend who is in military intelligence, and he gave me so much invaluable information about the world of espionage and spies. Release is a suspense, but it’s first and foremost a romance about two people who are crazy for each other but have been kept apart by circumstances, conspiracies and secrets. One night during a Chicago blizzard, they are thrown together again. All this incredible passion surfaces, but so does a dangerous threat.

Kelly: Man, I wish I got phone calls like that. :-) Beth, do you have a writing process?

Beth: I do. When I'm working on a deadline, I have a daily word count quota that I have to make. I'm pretty strict on myself about it. I write it down in a book and keep track.

Kelly: Describe the environment where you write. Do you try to create an atmosphere and does that change with different projects?

Beth: It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’m usually writing sitting up in bed with my laptop, surrounded by research books, articles and a dictionary. The atmosphere really doesn’t change much.

Kelly: Writing in bed is just full of awesome. One of the best things to do in bed, besides...okay, well...what’s coming next from you?

Beth: Well, Release is out on February 2. Then I have a new series starting at Samhain, a paranormal erotic romance, called Princes of the Underground. The first in the series is called Velvet Cataclysm, and I’m so excited to be doing my first vampire book. J In December, I have another book coming out from Berkley Heat called Explosive. Excited about it as well, as it’s a psychological suspense as well as being an erotic contemporary. That’s about it for me this year.

Kelly: That sounds great! Congratulations on the new release!

Beth: Thanks for featuring me at your blog, Kelly!

I'll draw the lucky winner of a download of Beth's book HOLIDAY BOUND tomorrow morning, so once again, leave a comment and check back Tuesday morning.