WIPs and Chains

I’m done. I’ve fleshed out the characters. Surprise to me: Jake is not a “Chief” archetype, he’s a “Bad Boy”. He showed me that over and over throughout the story. AND he has a deep emotional childhood wound that I didn’t know about. That’s why he’s such a bad boy and a player. It all makes sense now. Why he was so hurt by rejection and betrayal. But Shelby makes sense, too, now that I know how her parents ignored her so they could fight all the time. Now I know why she was willing to enter into this deal with Jake. Now I know why her career is such a challenge to her at times.

The funny thing is, when I started fleshing out the characters and then went back to add things into my story to make sure they were there - they were already there. To my surprise. Am I in some kind of coma when I write, or something?

Anyway, the good thing is that although at about pages 125 – 175 I felt I was writing boring drivel that nobody would ever want to read, I now feel kind of...excited. Like, maybe this story is okay after all. I mean, I hope it’s more than okay, but how would I know? I just wrote it.

I also have a new title which might be the one that actually sticks: Sweet Deal.

Now my process is to put it away and let it simmer. Let the flavours develop, if you will. The longer the better, but I'll leave it alone for at least a month. Then, deeper editing will happen.

And now..on to something else!