WIPs and Chains

I did it! I went back to my “Murder in the Winery” story and I finished it ! I don’t know if being away from it for a while helped the creative process or if I’m just on a roll here, but when I went back to it, I sat down and wrote 5000 words a day, several days in a row. The last scene took a little longer, but it’s actually finished. Once again, it’s just a rough draft (very rough – it is hemorrhaging red spell check ink – there are some places where there are so many typos I’m not even sure what it says, which just shows how fast my brain was moving and my fingers couldn’t keep up LOL).

It’s usually the end of the book where my themes become evident to me. I don’t know if other writers start off with the theme of the story in mind. I have a vague idea, but when the characters get together at the end of the story and start summing things up and expressing their feelings in the story resolution, that’s when it becomes clear to me. I see now that the theme of this story is control, about how control can turn to abuse, and how control can be a sign of self-doubt, weakness, and also worry. And so the new title of this book, which I believe I will keep, is “Letting Go.”

Now to go back through it and make sure that my theme is there throughout the story. Once again, there’s still a lot of work ahead of me, but knowing it’s a completed story feels soooooo good! I love writing!
Kelly JamiesonComment