Sneak peak at Sweet Deal

This is my last completed manuscript which is now with my agent (eek) - here's a little excerpt:

Jake woke up in the softest, sweetest smelling cocoon of bliss, a warm feminine body cuddled in to his, and for a few long, delicious moments he thought he was still dreaming, still asleep. He let himself enjoy the sensations, soft breasts pressed against his forearm, hair that smelled like peaches and pears, and silky sheets swathed around both of them.
And then realized what he’d done. It wasn’t a dream. He’d spent the night with Shelby.
Fuck. What had he been thinking? He barely knew this girl, but he could tell she was definitely not the kind of girl he usually hooked up with. She was not a player, despite her sex-kitten looks. She was soft and sweet and smart and she deserved a helluva lot better than him. He was supposed to be helping her, for Chrissakes, not fucking her! What was wrong with him?
She stirred against him, soft curves and warm skin, and he resisted the urge to bolt out of bed and make a run for it.
She snuggled in closer, made a funny soft sound as she breathed in. She was still asleep. His chest tightened at the way she nestled against him, all intimate and trusting. Shit.
The events of the previous evening started playing through his mind. Andrew and Gianna. Jesus. How had he not known that’s who her boss was? She’d never mentioned she worked at Gold Shield, he was sure of it. If she had, he might have twigged to what was going on. So he’d shown up there like a clueless idiot.
But again remembering Andrew’s face when he’d seen them together sent a wash of satisfaction through him and his mouth twitched, lying there in bed. Served the son of a bitch right, and not just for what he was trying to do to Shelby, but for what he’d done to him.
All those painful humiliating memories came tumbling back. He’d lost so much and he was still pissed about it, even after all this time. His jaw clenched and his arms tightened around Shelby’s small body, making her shift and murmur against him. He forced himself to relax, but anger pulsed inside him, building up. He narrowed his eyes, staring across the dim bedroom, the sun lightening a strip of window around the edge of the blind.
Hell. He shouldn’t even think of them. That was such ancient history. He was over it. At least, he’d thought he was over it. He hadn’t thought about either Gianna or Andrew for a while. Seeing them again, though, together, had brought it all back.
Shelby moved again in his arms, stretching her legs out, sliding them over and between his. Christ, she was sexy. His cock swelled. How could he help it? She was right there, naked, in his arms, in a bed. “Mmm.” She made a little purring noise, buried her face in the side of his neck. He felt her draw in a breath, as if she was smelling him. Maybe she was. He liked smelling her. He smiled and slid a hand up into her hair. He tugged the soft strands so he could see her face and their eyes met.
With a small starburst of light and heat.
“Hi.” Her voice was a whisper, and when he saw the uncertainty in her eyes he had the strangest urge to make it go away. Hell, he wasn’t the kind of guy to stick around the morning after. But how could he leave with her looking all soft and vulnerable like that?
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