WIPs and Chains

Well I sure didn't get much writing done this weekend with all the Olympic excitement. Now they're over, life can get back to normal although I'm going to be in serious Olylmpics withdrawal.

I hada look at my half finished Ponzi story. It’s actually more than half done and once again I think – surely I can finish this? But then, I don’t know where it came from but a brand new idea popped into my head. It has a BDSM theme. When I started mapping out my story and my characters, it became incredibly clear and exciting and this is the story I have to work on next.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have contractual obligations that you have to fulfill. Like, you have to write two romantic suspense books over the next year. What would I do? Could I handle that? What if the ideas dry up and there’s just nothing there? What would it be like to have a deadline? I’ve never really had to deal with that and I consider myself a fast and prolific writer, and I’ve never really had much trouble staying motivated. In fact I feel pretty much driven to write. All the time. But what if the pressure made me seize up and not be able to meet the deadline? Maybe some day I’ll experience that For now I’ll just keep writing.