What I'm Reading Wednesday

I finished Here Comes Trouble by Donna Kauffman. I enjoyed this book although someone looking for a faster pace may not- there is a LOT of internal narration while the characters think about their past and the present and even worry a little about the future and generally get to know themselves. These characters were interesting so I didn't find it so slow going that I didn't like it, but it does slow the pace. Ms Kauffman does draw out sexual tension, too, with a LONG conversation while they decided whether to do it or not!

I'm now reading Slow Heat by Jill Shalvis. Just entering into this world made me feel all good - a sexy famous baseball player who keeps showing up with phone numbers written on him and I sexy control freak woman, lots of sexual tension and of course, though I've just started it, I sense these characters have more problems than just the one they're trying to solve together by pretending to be boyfriend/girlfriend.  The old fake relationship trope - hey! I just wrote one of those myself!