WIPs and Chains and Read an Ebook Week

Welcome to Read an Ebook week! There are all kinds of events happening on the internet this week. Today I’m at I Do Not Want to Wait I Want the Book Now. Tomorrow at Nine Naughty Novelists it’s our Party on the 9th and we’re celebrating St Patrick’s day (a bit early) and giving away a couple of Irish themed books – one of them is mine, you can probably guess which!

Tuesday night I’ll be at the Samhain café with the 9NN for a little while and we’ll be back Friday evening for a 2 hour 9NN bash with more prizes.

I’m also blogging lots this week here, also at The Bradford Bunch, and 9NN celebrating my critique partner Nara Malone's first release (yes, an ebook) and she has lots of information about ebooks and readers and an awesome contest going on to celebrate Read an Ebook week and her new release!

So... the work in progress...my new story is coming along great! Though I am thrown off my usual pacing strategy because I’m writing this story directly into a publisher’s template. The pages have a lot more words than I’m used to so I’m having to judge the length of my scenes and chapters differently. I actually had to get out a calculator and figure things out and let me just say, math and I are not good friends. I like words much better than numbers. But I think I’ve got it figured out, it’s just different.

Anyway, this story is a bit of a challenge because of my main male character. I’m not sharing details about him just yet but it’s a challenge to show his true character when he doesn’t even realize it himself. There’s a lot of learning and growing in this story, for both my main characters and I love that.

I’m still really liking the story even at that critical one-third mark where I usually start to hate it!

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