WIPs and Chains

Earlier this week, I got distracted from my WIP. It’s been a while since I finished “Sweet Deal” and I got a sudden urge to submit it somewhere. Spent the last couple of days editing and polishing and writing the synopsis and the query blurby thing. It’s not what I consider erotic – no whips and chains or threesomes. Of course, there are hot scenes in it but the sexual journey is not the main journey in this story. I think I know what I want to do, but I decided to check with my goddess agent Laura Bradford for her advice. She said to send it to her - so I did! Geez, I still feel sick every time I submit something.

While I wait to hear back from her, back to my WIP. This story is still moving along nicely and I must say I reached my "climax" (Why can't I type that without getting dirty thoughts?) at the exact page count I planned. However, this crisis scene is going to kill me. I need a good night of insomnia to figure out what's gotta happen here. I did write some today on it, but it's going veeeerrrrry slowly...
Kelly JamiesonComment