Friday Sneak Peak

From my completed novel, not yet submitted anywhere, tentatively titled "Shameless":
Warning: Adult content!!

Dag couldn’t believe they were doing this. What the fuck had happened tonight?

He studied Chris, wanting to know what was going on in his friend’s head. Yeah, they’d shared girls before, but never someone one of them had actually had a real relationship with. And much as he wanted to do it, for so very many reasons, he didn’t want Chris and Kassidy to jeopardize their relationship for…this.

But Kassidy’s eyes were hazy and full of lust, her body practically quivering with need. Her mouth tempted him, Christ, he had to have it, taste it.

And he’d get to be with Chris while he was doing it.

Complex emotions rose and fell in him, fragments of thoughts spun away from him even as he tried to marshal them together into coherency. But his balls were on fire, his dick so hard it hurt, and all those hormones pounding through him were destroying his ability to resist temptation.

He moved toward Kassidy, standing next to Chris, and Chris moved too so they stood like they had on the dance floor, him behind her, the sweet curve of her ass pressing into him, Chris in front of her. Dag started at her shoulders, dragged his hands over slender bones down the soft skin of her arms, onto her hips. His fingers dug into the warm resilience of her flesh beneath the silky dress. She’d let the hem drop so her ass was covered once again, but he’d seen the sweetness that was under there and wanted to touch it.

She let out a moan as the two men pressed her between them, and he smelled her hair – a soft scent that was sweet and sexy, a mix of vanilla and amber.

“So hot,” he whispered. “Aren’t you, Kassidy?”

Another whimper escaped her mouth. He nudged her hair aside to find the warm side of her neck, inhaled again her scent and opened his mouth on her skin. He sucked lightly, dragged his tongue over her. So sweet.

“Ah, sweetheart.” Chris drew her arms up and over his shoulders. “I love you for this. So much. Come on. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

He kissed her mouth and then stepped back. The three of them moved together down the short hall and into the bedroom, where Chris had nailed her up against the door earlier. Jesus. Dag’s cock twitched. And now here he was in there with them.
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