WIPs and Chains

So I’m between projects. I really do not like this. Sitting in front of the computer, checking email, Twitter, a few other places. Nothing to do. Ho hum.

I have a couple of stories “in progress” that I have left and gone back to several times. My “Ponzi” story, if you’ve been reading along. It’s like, over half done. I could go back to it. I also have this idea that I’m totally in love with but there’s a plot point that’s giving me problems. I spent about an hour on it today, trying to work it out, and I couldn’t and I feel tired and discouraged. Thinking I might need to brainstorm with some fellow writers on that.

I have other ideas – my hockey story (currently with one of my editors) is supposed to be the first in a series. I’ve actually started planning out one of the next books in the series. I could go back to it.

Another book I just sent to my agent also has series potential – the heroine has three girlfriends who I envisioned could all have their own stories. Could start working on one of those.

I could just start polishing up my Murder in the Winery story. Which I really need a better title for.

Maybe my brain just needs a rest for a few days. But I have A WHOLE WEEK off the day job coming up and I HAVE to be writing something!

I went back to the story idea I’m in love with but stuck on and did more research. This certainly unlocked a whole flood of ideas to get me moving. And I did, for about 4000 words. And then I got stuck again.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. (Okay one thing I suspect is that I need to close Twitter and my email program. Incessantly Twittering and checking emails is NOT conducive to productive writing. Seriously. I’m going to try this strategy tomorrow.)

I went back to my Ponzi story. Thought about it. Actually came up with what should happen next. Moved on to the subplot of that story. Edited what I’ve written so far (about 15 pages). Thought about it. Went back to check email and Twitter.

Then I went back to the Murder in the Winery story and did some editing and polishing. Fixed some chapter breaks. Made a few corrections. Added a few details.

Sigh. I’m having a hard time right now and I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve been through his before so I’m fairly confident it won’t last forever, but man, it sucks. Sucks big time. Drags my mood down and makes me want to consume massive amounts of alcohol.

I love the adrenaline rush of having a project that I’m really excited about, that I can’t WAIT to get on the computer and work on. I’m missing that so much right now.