WIPs and Chains

If it's that hard to make myself do it....maybe I shouldn't be.

Lat week I wrote about all the research I'd done and how I'd gotten back into the "Ponzi" story. Well, I came up with the most Amazing Idea for the plot to link all the books in this planned series together and did even more research. I thought it was brilliant. Until Friday when I looked at it and thought "This is so stupid."


Maybe it will still work. I don't know. But since it had now been a week since I'd gone back through that story, I had to review it again to get my head back into it and I wrote about 20 pages on it and today I'm procrastinating so much going back to it, I'm thinking it it's just not that much fun to write, I'm not going to do it. Writing is fun for me - or it should be. If I had a contract and a deadline maybe I'd feel different and I'd push on with this, but for now, it's going on the back burner (again!).

I feel like working on something fresh and I have a few ideas kicking around and maybe I'll start one of them. Something fun and easy...
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