WIPs and Chains

Well I`m happy to report that I am digging myself out of the black hole of unreasonable depression. After a few weeks off (which truthfully wasn`t really "off" because I was always thinking of story ideas) I've gotten back into it. A few happy events helped bring me up out of the hole - a sale to Ellora's Cave and a 4 star review by RT Book Reviews for Lost and Found! Watch for more details coming soon!

So I feel more comfortable continuing with one of my WIPs , the Celtic story, I've had some ideas and feel eager to move on. I gave some thought to a "spin off" story featuring a secondary character of my recent Ellora's Cave sale, but I haven't quite figured out quite the right match for him. And then I got an idea for a completely new story featuring a chef. Okay it's not COMPLETELY new, because I wrote a story about a chef already, which was a freebie serial on my blog, But the main female character is completely different and has her own journey to make in this story, and I get to use the extensive research I did for that last story.

So I'm feeling better and looking forward to release week  - June 8! Lost and Found! I'm so pumped about this! Watch for lots of blog articles about this story and some cool new ideas!

And watch for exciting news from the Nine Naughty Novelists! We were braintorming and when you get 9 creative novelists together, whoa! Craziness! It's going to be so much fun!
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