WIPs and Chains

It's Monday, and the crazy whirlwind of release week for Lost and Found is over. Not much writing gets done during a release week and I was especially busy promoting this book because I think it is my best book yet (that is published LOL). So I was all over the interweb doing blog posts and contests. Got a lovely reader comment at the Samhain blog:

"I finished “Lost and Found” yesterday. All I can say is “WOW!” This book has so many twists and turns and the emotions it evoked left me feeling wrung out (but in a good way). I found the characters to be interesting, entertaining, fun, and having so many layers. As someone who experienced infertility I could also very much relate to the whole thought process involved in dealing with that. I cried, I laughed, and I cheered. Thank you for a very heartfelt read. I know it will be one that I read again and again."

That is what makes it all worthwhile!

So ironically last week, being so busy with release stuff, I got a GREAT IDEA for a story and was so excited to work on it - but didn't have much time. Frustrating!

I love that feeling of excitement and anticipation of working on a story that I really love. Sometimes lately that's been missing - I'm so busy trying to plan the story, making it technically perfect, that I think I lose the passion. I love finding great characters who I fall in love with, who are complicated, with many layers (I know, I know, it's me that makes them that way, but sometimes it just works better than others!)

So now I'm going back into my cave to hide out and write because there's this story inside me and I have to get it out!
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