WIPs and Chains

The WIP is now 21,000 words! Yay! I've been continuing with it and I still like it. I did get interrupted last week when I received my first round of edits from my Ellora's Cave editor, which I worked on most of the week, but on the weekend I got back to the story, which has no name. Must come up with a title. Sometimes good titles pop into my head, other times I really struggle for a good one. I'm thinking along the lines of Sinful, Shameles...hmmm.
While writing this story I got an idea for another one, but this one's going to take a lot of research. I started the research and it's worked out well, that when I write until I feel I need a little break or to replenish the well, I can then do some research. Then I got back to the story. It feels good to be writing and enjoying it!