A snippet

I thought for something different I'd go waaaaay back and give you a snippet from my book Dream Girl

It was his turn now. And it wasn’t even hard. Well, the shot wasn’t hard, but he was. “Eight ball in the corner pocket,” he said smugly. With an effortless flick of his wrist, he sunk the ball and grinned.
“Good game,” Zach said with genuine approval. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had so much fun playing pool. She smiled back at him, not too disturbed by losing.
“I think you’re better than you let on.” He stood right in front of her, so close they were almost touching, so close he could see the glints of gold in her eyes. They reminded him of the effervescent bubbles in a good, clear amber ale. “That wasn’t your ‘A’ game, was it?”
She blinked and her lips curved enticingly; she hitched one shoulder. “Maybe not.”
He laughed with delight. “Come on, I’ll buy you a beer,” he offered, taking her cue and replacing it on the wall.
She hesitated and glanced around, as if looking for her friend. Placing his hand lightly on the small of her back, Zach directed her back to their barstools. He put a hand out and held hers while she climbed up. Her hand felt small and delicate in his larger one, and as she rose onto the stool, her scent surrounded him— a fresh, fruity scent that smelled...delicious. Like strawberries and watermelon.
He was painfully aware of her now, sitting beside him. She was his dream girl come to life—gorgeous, blonde, and she liked beer and played pool. Wow. Zach silently thanked Connor for standing him up.
“So Blondie, another of the same?”
She lifted a brow. “Blondie?”
“I don’t know your name,” he admitted apologetically. “I’m Zach.”
“Ashlyn.” She slid her little hand into his, and he held it again as he looked at her appealing face.
She met his gaze and awareness sizzled between them.
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