Release day!

Power Struggle is out today!
Here's a teaser snippet but I'm posting more excerpts and talking about the book all day today with the Nine Naughty Novelists at the Latte Lounge at Coffee Time Romance, so come on by - I'm also giving away a copy of Power Struggle there!

In the dark bedroom, she paused to admire Dev stretched out in her bed, taking up nearly the whole damn thing he was so big, on his stomach, arms beneath the pillow, head turned away from her. The sheets were around his waist, exposing his broad muscular back and powerful shoulders, and her eyes roamed lower to the curve of his ass beneath the sheet. Dear god, he had a nice ass, firm and round… She took a breath and moved farther into the room to set the mugs on the table beside the bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed and stroked a hand down the center of his warm satiny back, and he shifted and murmured, then rolled over. Sleep-heavy eyes flickered open to look at her and she smiled down at him and reached out to push some hair back, then trailed her fingers down his cheek, shoulder and came to rest on his chest.

“Morning,” she said, her heart squeezing a little at having him here like this, after he’d satisfied her so incredibly last night.

He smiled back at her, slow and slumberous, and he reached for her hand and lifted it to his mouth. He pressed a kiss to her wrist, his eyes closed. As she slowly drew her hand back, completely charmed and melted, he opened his eyes and his gaze focused on her wrist.

His eyebrows jerked together and lowered over his eyes. His fingers tightened on hers and he lifted her arm higher until it was directly in front of his vision. “Jesus Christ, Tori,” he whispered.

Her gaze followed his to the faint bruises just above her wrists, paused then lifted to his horrified eyes. Her stomach plummeted.
“It’s okay, Dev,” she said quickly. “Really.”
“It’s fucking not okay!” He released her and pushed himself to sitting, shoving both hands into his hair and holding his head. “Look at you! I fucking bruised you, for Chrissake!”
“I know. It’s okay. I like it.”

“You…what?” He stared at her, aghast.
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