WIPs and Chains

Once again, my progress has ground to a screeching halt. There are a couple of reasons. I got the galley to proofread for my upcoming print release of Love 2 Love U. This is a print anthology Samhain Publishing is putting out of my three stories, Love Me, Love Me More and 2 Hot 2 Handle. Last chance to review and make sure there are no typos. I also have to work on a marketing plan for it. Yikes.

But the biggest reason was that I got lost in the publishing business, yet again. I've had some conversations with my agent recently about what New York publishers are looking for and it's not what I'm writing, unfortunately. Seems there's a pretty narrow window of what they want right now. Perhaps this is always true, but this is my first experience of it. I do know that the publishing market is very tight right now with the big publishers struggling financially. Anyway one of my books isn't "sellable" because there are two other authors who already have a series out like that. Which made me question whether my WIP will be sellable, too, becasue it's about a chef. I know there are other series out there about chefs.
I waver back and forth between "why finish what won't sell" and "just write the damn book and see what happens."

So instead of writing I'm proofreading and thinking about things.
Kelly JamiesonComment