Reviews for Power Struggle

A few weeks ago I posted a couple of reviews for Power Struggle. Since then I got this lovely review from reviewer Jolene at Night Owl Reviews, who made it a NOR TOP PICK!

"Power Struggle by Kelly Jamieson was my first time reading the BDSM genre of books. I really enjoyed taking a walk on the wild side and being a voyeur into a lifestyle that I know nothing about. Power Struggle was a well-written story of Dev, a young (hot!) doctor and Tori, the Vice President of her company.Power Struggle was a wonderful book and a great read for a lazy day."

Thank you Jolene and I'm glad you enjoyed Power Struggle.

And I also received this week a lovely email from a reader who said "This is a wonderful novel...While there was definitely some hot scenes (real hot!), I think the beauty of this book was the depth of characterization, and its honest and realistic development of the plot... This is a well-developed, perfectly paced novel with BDSM that was tastefully delivered (that even the faint-hearted could appreciate) but ultimately, a beautiful love story that truly resonated with me. I hope there is a sequel but really - I don't think she can top this one."

Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear from readers.
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