What I'm Reading Wednesday

Last time I posted I was debating between Erin McCarthy's Hot Finish and Kristan Higgins' Too Good to be True. Well, I read them both, and loved them both. Erin's one of my favourite authors and I really loved this story. Suz and Ryder have a lot of chemistry and it was great to read their HEA.

I wasn't sure about Too Good to be True. It's written in first person point of view, which I tend not to like, mainly because in a romance I love getting inside the hero's head and knowing how hot he is for the heroine. But I did like this book, a lot, despite the first person POV and despite the bedroom door being closed firmly in my face when they got there. There was nice sexual tension and the characters were all really endearing, even (or maybe especially, because I am a dog lover!) her little dog.

I've also been reading The Pearl by Anonymous, which is Victoria erotica. This is research. :-)

And I read Tough Customer by Sandra Brown. She tells such a great story but I kinda figured this one out (I say that's a yay for me, because her twists are usually pretty darn twisted). I really enjoyed it, but maybe because of reading and writing romance, I did feel that the romance part of the story was underdeveloped. It was wonderful seeing Dodge with the love of his life and knowing his story, but the story between Berry and Ski seemed a little unrealistic - it just happened too fast. They barely even talked and they were in love. Still enjoyed the story , though!

And right now I'm reading Shadowheart by Laura Kinsale. WOW! This story is quite different from others of hers I've read, SUPER hot, and I'm loving it!
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