WIPs and Chains

I finished!

Yes, I finished my WIP last week! "With Strings Attached" ended up to be 75,000 words, exceeding my goal by about 5000 words. Then I started going back over it to fix things and polish and edit, and I ended up adding another 7000 words, so it is now 82,000 words. Wow! Now I'm going through it one more time, and then I will put it away to rest for a little while before I send it off to critique partner Nara Malone for her to read. I enjoy revising, it feels almost relaxed compared to the tension of creating something new. And I feel a great sense of accomplishment, along with an impatient feeling of wanting to share this story!

Since that manuscript is now finished and almost all polished, I've been thinking about what to work on next. As usual, I have so many possibilities. I have four stories started and in various stages. I also have several other stories that I've planned out (as much as I plan, not being a big plotter) that I could start on. As usual, I've been in a stage of "wait and see", with submissions out in the world I'm waiting to hear back on, and that could change what I work on next.

And then I did hear from my agent this weekend about the manuscript I'd sent her. She liked it! But...there's always a but!...she had some suggestions for things she thought could be better. So now I know what I'm working on next...
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