WIPs and Chains

Yes this is late!  My blog disappeared due to some technical glitch involving domaine stuff that I don't understand. Big thanks to web goddess Tina Pavlik for fixing!!
Sadly not much has changed since last week in terms of works in progress!  I did do a little bit more on "Gabe's story" (If you've read Power Struggle you'll know Gabe). But then I heard back from my critique partner about Crush, the manuscript my agent suggested some changes to, and I went back to work on it. And work. And more work. LOL.  And last night I sent it back to Nara for her opinion on the changes. Sometimes when you get so close to something you have no idea if it's good or bad.

I envy those authors I see posting on Twitter about how impressed they are with the scene they just wrote, and how good they think their WIP is. I'm not like that. I both love and hate every story I write - I wouldn't write it if I didn't love it; but whether it's good or whether someone else will like it - I suffer a huge lack of confidence.

Which makes me wonder...do those authors who talk about how much they like their own work REALLY feel that way? Or is that just a facade, a public expression of confidence and competence that will impress people and make them read their books?
Kelly JamiesonComment