Sneak peek Friday

In celebration of finishing my WIP, which is Gabe's story for anyone who's read Power Struggle, here's a little sneak peak ( and a picture just because it's snowing like crazy here today):

She ignored the faint suspicion inside her that said oh hell yeah, this was different, this man was way different than any other man she’d ever met in her life. This was not the kind of man she should be spending time with, all forceful and overpowering. This was the kind of man she should be staying far, far away from, the kind of man who could be her downfall. She should be with someone like Kevin—kind, gentle...nice. But Kevin didn’t tempt her like Gabe did. And so she focused on her rationale for why she could do this―one night. Hot attraction. That’s all.

“I like it when you laugh,” she said.

His eyes darkened even more. “I don’t laugh very often.”

“I know.”

“You’re saying I’m a bad-tempered son of a bitch.”

She smiled. “If the hardhat fits...”

He laughed again, then closed his eyes briefly as if it almost pained him. “Reagan.”


“Come see the rest of the house.”

She hid her smile as she followed him back into the house. His house was not decorated in single-guy, big screen television, stereo and exercise equipment style but rather had a casual, comfortable elegance. She eyed the wall of bookshelves loaded with books, wanted to explore more there. “Did your wife live here with you?” she asked.

He shot her a sideways look. “No. We divorced a long time ago. I just built this house a couple of years ago.”



“Never mind. I’ve already complimented you enough tonight. I don’t want your head to get too big.”

“Too late for that,” he muttered, tugging on one pant leg.

It took her a second and then she burst out laughing. “You made a joke again.”

He frowned. “Now you’re saying I don’t have a sense of humor? Not much chance of my ego swelling with you around.”

She couldn’t help it. Her eyes dropped to his groin. Speaking of swelling...she looked back up at him and his dark eyes burned with a blue flame. He moved his head from side to side, but his lips twitched and she had to smile too. “I know you have a sense of humor,” she said softly. “You just keep it pretty well hidden behind all that surliness.”

He made a little choking sound. “Just when I think you’re getting nice, you backhand me again.”