Yay it's Friday and I love weekends. This weekend you have 2 chances to win one of my books.

Saturday at The Romance Studio Book a Day Giveaway, they're giving away a PRINT copy of Love 2 Love U.

And my friend Erin Nicholas and I are having a contest together, also at The Romance Studio  - we're eaching giving away 2 PRINT books - one for you to keep and one to give to a friend! Erin's book Just Right and my book Love 2 Love U were both released the same day so we're celebrating together.

Love 2 Love U is an anthology of my three novellas, Love Me, Love Me More and 2 Hot 2 Handle. Here's a little excerpt from 2 Hot 2 Handle:

He kissed her mouth, knowing he tasted of her and she kissed him avidly back. So fucking hot.

“I think we might exhaust you tonight, Abby doll,” he murmured.

He drew back and they shared a smile. “I can handle it,” she said, glancing over her shoulder at Eric. He grinned, too.

“Yeah. She can.”

A rush of emotion so intense it almost sent him back to his knees roared through Jett. He was almost afraid to believe what was happening.

“Take your clothes off,” Abby said, her eyes gleaming. “You’re both wearing too many clothes. And Jett…”

His eyes flicked up to hers.

“I haven’t seen you, yet, either.”

Red-hot lust streaked through him. Fuck, what a woman!

He ripped his clothes off. He’d quickly gotten over any modesty when he’d started modeling, was used to his body being stared at, ogled, studied. Objectified, even. But damn him, he wanted Abby to like what she saw.

Her eyes widened, and her hands came out to trace over his chest, down over his quivering abs, and lower. She blinked as she studied him there.


He looked down. Oh, yeah. He was so used to it, he thought nothing of it. “I had to get rid of the hair for an underwear shoot,” he choked out. “It itches like hell when it grows back, so I just kept it like this.”

“Uh.” She seemed speechless. She reached out to touch and her soft fingers on his throbbing staff had him twitching hard. “It makes you look…huge.”

“I am huge.”

Her gaze flew up to meet his, and she smiled when she recognized his cocky humor.

“Well, yes you are, actually,” she murmured.

Eric came up behind her again, having divested himself of his clothes, too. “Hey,” he said. “He’s no bigger than I am.”

She turned her sparkling brown eyes to Eric. “No. Of course not. He just looks bigger because…there’s no hair there.”

“What? You want me to shave too?”

“Christ,” Jett said. “Don’t shave. That’s the worst thing you can do. You gotta wax, man.”

Eric winced. “Never mind. I’m fine the way I am.”