What are YOU reading? Wednesday

I usually blog about the books I've read or am reading this week. I finished Tequila Truth by Mari Carr, and really really liked it! As I said last week, just the kind of book I like to read - great likeable characters, lots of heat and an emotional story. So I picked up Mari's book Power Play. Loved it! More great characters. I loved the scenes at the beginning of the story where they're trying to get each other to beg. My only complaint - this could have been a longer story. And as often happens when I get on a kick for a certain author, I bought Any Given Sunday. It's the most recent book in a series, so I'm going to be reading in all the wrong order - oh well! But I will be reading that series!

But this week I'd love to know what YOU'RE reading - give me some great new ideas of books to try out!
Kelly JamiesonComment