What I'm Reading Wednesday

First another message about contacting me:  I am still having problems with the info@kellyjamieson.com email address. People are telling me it isn't working. I've tested it myself and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't; however if you do get a reply from me and try to reply again, the email address is wrong. *Sigh* I will try to get this fixed ASAP. Meanwhile, if you would like to contact me please leave a comment here at my blog, I get all of those and can contact you back. Thank you and my apologies!

I finished Anybody's Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips about a week ago. As with all her books, I really enjoyed it. Great tension between hero and heroine

And last night I finished Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day. It's been a while since she'd had a historical romance out. I really enjoyed this one as it was somewhat different from her others. She always writes kick-butt heroines, even for historicals and often heroines who are not innocent virgins, so this one was a change from that and yet, certainly not a wimpy doormat heroine either.
Pride and Pleasure
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