WIPs and Chains

Well, there's not much I can say about the WIP because there is no WIP. :-) Okay, not entirely true. I do have a couple of projects I started some time ago that are "in progress". Last week I did do more work on the characters in one of them, using what I've learned recently from the books and workshops I've done. I found that they worked pretty well and my story was on target, which was encouraging. I didn't actually do any writing on the story though, as the week was completely taken up working on promotion materials for the upcoming RT Convention. This topic pretty much took over my life! My goodness, this is a big deal! And being my first time at RT, with no experience to guide me, I'm really just winging it here. But the whole convention will be  learning experience in so many ways, that's how I'm looking at it!
On the weekend, I did manage to snag a few of the ideas tumbling around in my head and put them together into a story idea that I'm now getting anxious to start writing. I've fleshed out my characters, got my basic story idea down, done a little research and I think I'm ready to start writing - today!
Kelly JamiesonComment