WIPs and Chains

Do you really think I got any writing done while I was at RT Booklovers Convention? Not a chance. I had thought I might do some editing/polishing on the manuscript I just finished but, not a chance of that either! Those five days at RT were a crazy whirlwind of activity!

It was SO much fun meeting people in person - the six other Naughty Novelists who were there, Meg Benjamin, PG Forte, Erin Nicholas (my roomie!), Juniper Bell, Kinsey Holley, and Skylar Kade. We were all wondering if the others were going to be the same in person as they are on line. Check out the Nine Naughty Novelists blog this week to find out!

I also met so many other great authors and we had tons of fun at the parties and workshops and, okay, I'll admit it, I spent a little time in the bar. I also met lots of people from my publishers Ellora's Cave and Samhain. I met my agent, the fabulous Laura Bradford, for the first time in person as well as some of the other incredible Bradford Bunch authors. And I met readers who love to read, which is always so awesome. I also did my first book signings, the e-book Expo and the print book fair.

I'm writing this from the airport in Calgary on my way home. I'm REALLY tired and I have no voice left, and I'm missing my Naughty Nine friends already but we had a great time and have great memories that will make me laugh every time I think about  them.