WIPs and Chains

Before I talk about my WIP I just want to note that I'm blogging at Long and Short Reviews Whipped Cream today  - find out one of my favourite things about spring!

Nobody told me that it was going to take me a week to recover from RT!

I haven't exactly done a lot of writing this week, and in fact have been in a fog all week, falling asleep in meetings at work, in my chair at my computer, on my couch. All I've really been able to do is some editing and polishing on the manuscript I finished just before RT. I also did write a blurb for that story and am now working on the synopsis, which isn't so much fun but unfortunately must be done. So I am accomplishing something!

Also worked on a trailer for the next Nine Naughty Novelists serial story. It will be unveiled later this week, so be sure to keep an eye out for it! It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself (and I  can't take all the credit for it, it's certainly a group effort, with the text written by the amazing PG Forte, who also helped located many of the images we used).
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